Cubs is for boys and girls from 8 – 10 years old, and is on Friday nights 6.45 – 8.15 most weeks.

What do cubs do! Most meetings start with games like cannonball, time bomb and ships. We follow this with an activity… some examples are:

First Aid
Tent Pitching

Ending with some fun games to round the evening off.

During the summer we try to go outside as much as possible. Where we can play wide games and have a most excellent water fight.

We have weekends away several times a year – often to places like Melton, Raywell and Bail Wood. During the summer we try to have at least one camp in tents.

At camp we go hiking, cook on open fires, and play wide games.

If you read this hopefully you will come to try cubs for yourself. Subs are only £8 a month!